1. johnnykskim:

    Blue Mitchell Sextet - Park Avenue Petite (Blue Soul, 1959)

    The don’t write ‘em or record ‘em like this anymore. I’m going to finish this record then go watch Chinatown. 

  2. Day off tomorrow. I go out on Tuesday night and I come home on Wednesday morning…or something like that.


  3. floriental:

    Bat For Lashes - Skin Song

    July has taken a September turn, followed by a return to April. With this song I wait for August. 

  4. subpop:

    Hear the new Shabazz Palaces song, #CAKE, at SubPop.com now.

    Artwork: Christian Petersen

    And the other thing I’ve been waiting for.

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  5. Merssi ElectricJive. THIS is what I’ve been looking for for a while without knowing it.


  6. grimmertown:

    Lee Hazlewood “Think I’m Coming Down” (from Poet, Fool or Bum 1973)

    This was in an episode of Eastbound & Down I watched last night. Perfect jet ski music.

    Perfect jet ski music for some, but I have my own story. On the day that Lee died I skipped work in order to properly mourn him. I don’t recall how my friends and I spent the day, but we ended it by listening to…I don’t know how many of his records. I know that we listened to Friday’s Child because that is Jordan’s favourite. Poet, Fool, or Bum was the last one we threw on the turntable, and we had forgotten that this was the second to last song. It was so fitting and described how we felt; except you’ve gotta reverse that good/bad thing. I think we passed out shortly after that.

  7. markwilliamwales:

    Lee Hazelwood - She Comes Running & the House Song LIVE recording studio 1968 


    (Source : youtube.com)

  8. Chantel, who I hardly know, I saw this and thought of you. 

  9. Me ‘n the Marx Brothers. Because it’s been a long time, and because I’m trying to kick a few things and forget a few things.


  10. Here’s something you don’t find everyday. You all know the album version of Louie Louie from Honey Ltd.’s, er, Light in the Attic’s “The Complete LHI Recordings” [of Honey Ltd.], but this one is…well just about the same EXCEPT that it has the terrific little intro by the man himself, Lee Hazlewood.

  11. I search TCM on tumblr and 90% of the results are some crap band. Good thing no one will EVER find them through google because the search “TCM band” will only give you results for movies with “band’ in the title on the TCM website.

    With that out of the way, this video is one of my favourite things. I should know more of the films featured, but I don’t. 


  12. Another in a series of things that make me happy, but also misty eyed. 

  13. Can we all just take some time to remember just how good Iggy Pop is? Who else could do Nightclubbing and this? Préliminaires is fantastic. 

  14. Why did this not happen?

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  15. "And so before twenty thousand shocked customers—including innocent children—and his own wide-eyed teammates, the once great pitcher, who was washed up anyway, did the unthinkable, the unpardonable, the inexpiable: he dropped the flannel trousers of his uniform to his knees, and proceeded to urinate on the ball, turning it slowly in his hand as to dampen the entire surface. Then he hitched his trousers back up, and in the way of pitchers, kicked at the ground around the mound with his spikes, churning up, then smoothing down the dirt where he had inadvertently dribbled upon it. To the batter, as frozen in his position as anyone in that ballpark, he called, “Here comes the pissball, shithead—get ready!”"
    — Philip Roth, The Great American Novel